Marisa Grande


Marisa Grande, Uiverweide 7
6708 LA Wageningen |

I am a dance and voice artist in the field of improvisation and contemporary dance. I work as a performer, teacher, artistic director and coach. My movement work developed, as a result of thirty years of experience in the field of theatre and dance; an ongoing integration of different disciplines rooted in somatic work, providing a specific approach that supports the movement investigation to expand and develop into improvisation and performance. My way of teaching is direct and empowering and my approach is proved to be an efficient tool for performers coming from different disciplines and stage practices. My performance work from stage to site-specific integrates different artistic languages into one whole event.
My constant interest and focus on principles behind form allow me to work with many art forms and styles as well as with people coming from various backgrounds, always finding new synthesis.
Corona time has been time to go within and reach out to support young artists in their process and to create a new way to practice
it has been and it is time to face fear within and choose for love
it is a time where the somatic work I practice and bring which implies trust, touch, and cellular awareness it is more than ever relevant and fundamental

Somatic Dance & Improvisation Workshop “Dynamics of Time”