Percy Cicilia jr

photographer, dancer, social justice activist

Wageningen |

My name is Percy Cicilia Jr, I’m an African American Dutch Antillean. I am a Photographer, Dancer, Poet & a Social Justice Activist. I am a Piece of the Puzzle! 2020, or the year of Corona, has been tough both as a creative artist and a person. I, like most of you, have also had to transform as a human living in these times. Isolation and less work meant more time to think and dreamscape. This soul searching took a darker turn, as I had to deal with a stalker and his death threats. The anxiety of coping with two unseen & silent threats, Corona and Stalker, exposed the dire need for Safe Spaces.

Safe spaces are a place or environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm. It can be a refuge, a place to relax or party, to provide respect and emotional security, often for individuals from marginalised groups.

My dream is that we are all safe, in this collective safe space, regardless of the color of your skin, nationality, country of origin, gender or identity!

So, I say to you, I do not own the solution, but I am meeting them in the street each and every day, and I say to them, you too are a piece of the puzzle.

The focus for 2020 is Anti Discrimination, Anti Racism and creating Safe Spaces. Moreover, Setting up ARAwur and working with organisations such as bblthk, Thuis and WUR to make a better, safer and more inclusive tomorrow.

BLM Protest Talk Speech, 14th of June.